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Hair loss cure: An expert has busted the myths around hair loss Onions are often talked about when it comes to ‘curing’ baldness because they are rich in sulphur, which promotes hair growth. It has been said that rubbing onion juice on the scalp twice a week for two months can help bring dormant hair follicles back to life. Dr Ball, who runs centres from Hampshire and London’s Harley Street, and is an examiner for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, said: “As a surgeon, my natural instinct is to be cynical of home remedies that have no founding in scientific research. “I get patients all the time asking if certain herbs, foodstuffs and lotions can delay or treat hair loss. “And it’s totally understandable. Hair loss can be very distressing to it’s natural to look for preventions or cures in the strangest of places. “Onion juice may well have a beneficial effect on the appearance of the hair, enhancing volume and hair repair quotes shine like a conditioner. “But its effects on hair growth are less certain, and there’s no solid evidence that onion juice has any impact on it.” Hair loss cure: An expert has busted the myths around hair loss The small green fruit, similar in appearance to a grape, is said to have astonishing health boosting properties which will prevent greying and thinning hair. Followers of Ayurvedic medicine - an ancient holistic healing system - believe that amla can keep people youthful and radiant for up to 100 years. Dr Ball said: “It is true that, like many fruits and vegetables, amla is packed with vitamins and minerals. But it alone is very unlikely to have any impact on hair loss.

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